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Artificial Intelligence That Produces
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Evergreen is the worlds first social media AI. He will understand deeply you and your brand so that he can build an audience of people you want to be in front of.

Targeting human traits you choose, location, income, interests, likes, dislikes.

"The features Evergreen offers are hugely powerful - the engagement the AI automatically does is doing wonders for our follower growth and saves me so much time!"

Glen Jones - Woodbine Candle Co.

Evergreen works to find your niche and engages with them to grow your account.

Through machine learning, Evergreen can find and organically engage with your ideal hyper-targeted audience so that he can produce organic results.

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Ian Bishop - Bachcare

Evergreen has been the backbone for helping us find loyal customers as we grow Paintvine across New Zealand

Alex Hamilton - Founder, Paintvine

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You do your part and we'll do ours. You just need to focus on great content and engaging with new followers we help you get.

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"It's been incredible - Evergreen has cultivated an incredble Insta audience for us, and we're quardrupled online reservations via Instagram!!"

Tom Walker, Co-owner, Framptons Cafe, Bar & Kitchen

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*No Credit Card Required